Albany, Texas


Movest Capital, a leading purchaser of oil and gas mineral, royalty and overriding royalty interests, traces its beginning to 1986 when four West Texans banded together to form Momentum Operating Co., Inc. The founders, Mike Parsons, Don Tidwell, Lynn Neff and Bob Tidwell, remain principals in the companies today. They are educated in Texas, and their valuable experience in oil and gas production, oil field services, banking and ranching continues to benefit their clients.

Movest has developed a reputation for its knowledge of the oil and gas industry and its dedication to honesty and integrity in its dealings with mineral owners. Hundreds of people with oil and gas interests have placed their trust and confidence in Movest. We encourage people who are selling mineral rights to seek professional advice and enlist Movest as a responsible, dependable partner in finding the right solution to divesting.

For a variety of reasons, you may be ready to sell the rights to your oil and gas interests. They include:
• An immediate need for lump-sum cash payment
• Selling your interest will create capital gains tax on the seller.
• Transfer your interest in a depleting asset for one that appreciates in value.
• Eliminate paperwork and tax issues.
• Liquidate your estate because it’s usually easier to divide cash among heirs than a complicated legal process of dividing oil and gas interests.
• Eliminate the uncertainty of royalty checks.
• Eliminate the worry of your well going dry.

The founders and in their third decade of service in Movest’s hometown of Albany, Texas, a cultural gem in West Texas of friendly people, beautifully restored buildings, prestigious arts and an inviting Main Street. Our record of service and many years of good business practices assure you that Movest Capital is the right choice when you are ready to divest your rights to oil and gas mineral, royalty and overriding royalty interests.